Monthly Service Packages

Bronze Package

  • 4 hours of services monthly - 5% off regular hourly rate

Silver Package

  • 8 hours of services monthly - 10% off regular hourly rate

Gold Package

  • 12 hours of services monthly - 15% off regular hourly rate

Platinum Package

  • 20 or more hours of services monthly - 20% off regular hourly rate 

All hours for monthly packages must be used within 30 days of the first hour used. Hours not used within 30 days will not be refunded or rolled over to the following month. 

General Pricing and Policies

Hourly Rate

  • After all hours within your monthly service package have been depleted, you have the option to either book another package of hours or switch to hourly billing until it's time to renew your monthly service package.
  • Hourly rates are billed in 15 minute increments (Ex: if the hourly rate is $10/hr and service took 1 hr 8 mins to perform, the total charge would be $12.50).
  • The cost of any product or fees incurred during the performance of the service is the responsibility of the client.
  • Payment due in full when invoice is received.
  • No refunds. 


  • For monthly service packages, once your package has been purchased, you may contact us anytime via email or phone to instruct us on any service requests or changes.
  • For hourly billed services, a 24 hour notice for service is requested in order to prepare schedules.
  • Services requested outside of normal business hours are subject to additional charge.


  • Payment due and payable in full when invoice is received.
  • Prepaid monthly packages are prepaid for a 30-day period and payment must be received prior to service being rendered.  
  • Our preferred payment methods are PayPal or Cash App.  Note:  If paying using PayPal, a 2.9% processing fee will be added.